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Knee Testimonials

Mrs Ann Taylor - Total Knee Replacement case

Mrs Ann Taylor is a District Nurse aged fifty-nine. She presented to Oxinium™ surgeon Mr David P Johnson MD at the Bristol Nuffeild Hospital through her chiropractor. Ann had suffered with both knees causing increasing pain over the previous four years. The initial problem followed a fall 10 years earlier. Her knees were stiff and she could not kneel, they were painful towards the end of the day and particularly when twisting or walking on stairs. She was not able to undertake a round of golf without significant pain.

Initially, arthroscopic surgery was undertaken in November 2002 when Ann was admitted to the Bristol Nuffield Hospital as a one night stay. Unfortunately, at that time, the arthroscopy demonstrated significant arthritis in the left knee. As a result of this, Ann underwent a left total knee replacement using the new Oxinium™ Profix knee in mid-January 2003.

Following surgery, Ann made excellent progress and was discharged from hospital only a week following the procedure. She had regained 100 degrees of knee movement after three weeks. At that stage, she had already reduced her requirement for analgesia to two Paracetamol tablets a day. Ann was delighted with her progress, and with regular exercise, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions was unrestricted in undertaking most daily activities nine weeks following surgery and was able to play golf again after 12 weeks.

Mrs Taylor commented on the success of the operation:

"The Oxinium implant made it possible for me to have knee surgery at a young age. With a traditional implant, I would probably need a replacement implant later in life. It's only been a few months since the operation so it is still early days, but it is important to have good occupational health support such as physiotherapy, regular exercise and hydrotherapy to make sure the joint works properly. I'm now doing really well and have been able to get on with my life again as I'm out playing golf 12 weeks after the operation, walking around and I don't have the same degree of pain I had before surgery."

Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr David P Johnson's Comments:

"Ann's progress was excellent. She had no problems following the procedure, other than normal post-operative pain and swelling which resolved ove rthe first few days. Her rapid return to daily activities by three weeks and to golf by twelve weeks shows the excellent progress she has made. I now hope that she will experience up to twenty years of unrestricted benefit from this knee. Once again, the speed and extent of her recovery supports the view that use of the Oxinium Profix knee may be a significant advance."